States United - Miraj  album notes

  1. Anahata
  2. Desert Song
  3. Seven Sisters
  4. High Desert Winds
  5. Sage Dance
  6. Bhajan/Golden Forest
  7. Rainbow Mountain
  8. Moon Goddess


Amory Nathaniel Caetanya Bottorff: violin, cello, percussion

“Amir” Nicholas Adam Baker - marimba, vibraphone, voice, drum set, percussion

“Allaudin” Dean Ottinger - tar (frame drum) on “Desert Song” and “Sage Dance”

Devin McCollum - Electric Fretless Bass on “Moon Goddess”

Song Credits:

“Anahata” (music: Nicholas Adam Baker)

Nick: marimba

Amory: violin, cello

“Bhajan” (traditional) / “Golden Forest” (music: Amory Bottorff)

Amory: violin

Nick: marimba, mahdal

“Desert Song” (music: Amory Bottorff)

Amory: violin, cello, percussion

Nick: marimba, percussion

Allaudin: tar

“High Desert Winds” (music and lyrics: Nicholas Adam Baker)

Nick: marimba, voice, doumbek

Amory: violin

“Moon Goddess” (Nicholas Adam Baker)

Nick: vibes, voice, drum set, shaker

Amory: violin

Devin: electric fretless bass

“Rainbow Mountain” (Nicholas Adam Baker)

Nick: marimba, drum set, voice

Amory: violin

“Sage Dance” (Amory Bottorff)

Amory: violin, cello

Nick: marimba, percussion, vibes

Allaudin: tar

“Seven Sisters” (music and lyrics: Nicholas Adam Baker)

Nick: marimba, voice, drum set, vibes

Amory: violin, cello

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Mark Thies at Markosa Studios, Roeland Park, Kansas City, KS

Nick would like to thank these beings for reasons to numerous to mention: 

God, Beth Horned, Jerry Baker, Bill and Margaret Baker, Marianne Horned, Connie Mack Horned, Selena Sanchez, Melinda Baker, Lynn Horned, and the rest of my family - alive and deceased, Peter DeJesus, Frank and Pilar Leto, Allaudin Ottinger, John Currey, James Snell, Nick Petrella, Scott Ney, Amory Bottorff, Mark Thies, Devin McCollum, and all the illuminated souls.

Amory would like to thank:


“Seven Sisters”

The Stars fill my Heart tonight

as I call on their Love-Light

and ask for Heavenly Sight

I know they’ll make it alright

On this Night

dressed in White

Have no fear we’re given 

Divine Flight

Space and Light and Red Earthen Clay

is of what we are made

Here to Love in our myriad ways

I know this is a new Day

Let us play

Hear me say

This is our chance to 

Be a Cosmic Family

All across the galaxy

I hear my sisters calling me

I hear their voices singing clearly

I hear my brothers sounding like

A million bells are ringing sweetly

Four Hundred  Light Years away

Four Hundred - Forty  Light Years away

Light Years away...

I hear my sisters calling me 

to fill the galaxy with music...

“Rainbow Mountain”

Travel past the plains

to a higher terrain.

Climb toward the sky.

You will feel high,

like you can fly

Oh, my friend...

We’ll be there at the Rainbows end

on the Mountain


Colors of our souls

mix there and stories unfold.

Breathe in the sounds.

They’re everywhere to be found.

Round and round 

this earth-bound spiral

We’ll be there at the Rainbows end

on the Mountain


Imagine a Sacred Space,

a circle of warm embrace.

Sing from your heart,

and Dance with all you’ve got.

Play your part

and Live your Dreams.

We’ll be there at the Rainbows end

on the Mountain

We’ll be there at the Rainbows end

on the Sacred Mountain


“High Desert Winds”

Please let me be

I just need some time to sit alone

Why do you follow me?

Do you hear the wind?

It calls us into sacred quietude.

We must walk our own paths.

High winds blow across the heart of the 

Desert blooms and conquers all the sorrow

Spirit flows through the heart of the 

Earth she knows and gives us bountiful Life

Listen to the Spaces between the 

Mountains of our Souls and you will 

Find a Sacred sound that reverberates inside you

We will be Liberated

High Desert Winds

Blow me to the Mountain and 

all around the World

I am ready to let go...

I want to cry for the beauty that fills my eyes on this day

You will find me in the empty, crystal clear sky of golden waking dreams

Waking Dreams,

Golden Dreams,

Desert Winds...

“Moon Goddess”

Moon Goddess

Daughter of the Earth

Daughter of the Sky

There’s a sparkle in your eye

y’know you make me feel so high

Moon Goddess

Mother of the Sea

Lover of the Waters inside of Me

There is no place I’d rather be 

than before this light you shine on me

Floating so high

In my Heart’s sky

gazing into

your luminous eye

My Heart is so full feeling your pull

on this ocean 

of Infinite Dreams

Moon Lover

your soul shines so bright

on this clear Autumn night

y’know this Love, it feels so right

and I’m so grateful for this Life

Moon Shadow

Calling me out to play

Loving me in every way

I awaken more everyday

and I just want to say

Thank you, Thank you - for all that you have done

Thank you, Thank you - for all that you have made

Thank you, Thank you - for your Lunar Light

Thank you, Thank you - for your Lunar Love

Hu    ooo    eee

All lyrics by Nicholas Adam Baker 

Copyright 2015

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