Pa’ Lisandro (2017) Nick Baker [marimba, percussion]

Importados (2015) Baracutanga

Miraj (2015) States United (Nick Baker and Amory Bottorff)

Under the Olive Tree (2015) Cali Shaw

Songs of Sandalphon I (2006-2010) Nick Baker  [marimba] 

Songs of Sandalphon II (2010) Nick Baker  [marimba, vibraphone, voice, drums, synthesizers]

Chants of Sandalphon (2010) Nick Baker

Big Chief (2013) The Lost Tribes of Mardi Gras

Thank You Beautiful (2012-2013) Wagogo [marimba, keyboard, drums, congas, voice]

Satellite (2009) Prometheus Unbound [marimba, percussion, synthesizer, voice]

Arrow (2009) Sage Flower [marimba, percussion]

Live at Café Acoustic (2008) The Nova Project [drums]

Thunder on the River (2008) Rivercity Revelators [drums]

Computer Geniuses (2007) Joel Kraft [drums, marimba]

The Crow, The Lark, and The Loon (2007) Mikal Shapiro [drums, percussion, marimba]

Fools Gold (2006) The Boon [drum set]

Live How You Love (2006-2007) Kasey Rausch and Friends [drums]

Big Ideas (2006) Joel Kraft [drums]

Red Flag (2005) Rivercity Revelators [drums]


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